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accident happened. >> noon a bmw with 5 people in it police say the car was traveling at an estimated speed. witnesses say the car lost control going around the corner and spun out in the path of a big rig carrying a load of cattle which was traveling in the opposite direction. the rig and the car collided and the bmw was knocked into a nearby field. one of the occupants died instantly at the scene, two others transported to the hospital by helicopter and the other two were carried off in an ambulance. the occupants of the bmw were all high-school age and went to novato high. officers say in addition to speed, alcohol might have been a factor because containers were found in the car. it shut down novato blvd. for most of the day while police investigated the accident. the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries but says he is shaken up over the whole ordeal. in a lot of jeff bush kron 4 news and
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carried for told of investigators are supposed to open up the boulevard at any time they haven't done so yet if the truck i told about this action at the trucks that was involved in the accent should is a cattle truck in the party removed it from the same trick shoofly said investigators still out here they plan to be out here for a least if another half-hour. live in novato kron 4 news if investigators are still trying to determine what the san bruno pipeline exploded last week in igniting much this gigantic fireball. pish crews began clearing sell the loss while the cash hasn't been tested the health department warns it could be tainted with toxic chemicals from incinerated cars and homes kate thompson is live in san bruno with a look at today's cleanup efforts. kate. as far as the clean up goes, voters were given two options today we can show you some of the damaged from the homes that was completely destroyed. if the chimney is barred dotting fairmont drive that is where we
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are now. holders were told they can hire private contractor to clean up the mouse stem cells or thick and sign up and sign over control to the county that will have contractor through the state. burned out cars and the charred frames of homes destroyed during the gas line explosion happened move to the area remains frozen everything as the left exactly where it fell since the blast nearly nine days ago. they do on their own or we give the option if they'd like to set up and allow the county and state access to the property would be happy to go in there good for them. all crinkly one property a day could take more than a month to remove all the debris. the go for a number of steps and the be testing done on the site at the end of the process each property will have a certification that indicates this property is safe and healthy and there's no conditions environmentally for what they won but on the property. outside the meeting residents were thinking over their options like jose caring for those of his damaged home trying to figure out what he's
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going to do. we don't know yet how quickly this process moves depend on how fast residents sign up. the earliest a clinic and start is one state nearly two weeks after the explosion. there's absolutely safety concerns i don't have immediate health concerns of this material were to remain on site for a like that. time it would potentially have health concerns. as far as what residents choose to do what if they choose to go to county and had the county to let them to the clean up the county will cover all costs and try to figure out how to be reimbursed. if they choose to go out on the road hire the role contractor the county will not be giving residents any money trade reporting live in san bruno kron 4 news. memorial services for victims of the gas line explosion family friends gathered to remember jacqueline greg the 13 year-old daughter janice the. she was in eighth grader at a catholic school in
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san francisco classes' were canceled so students could attend the service. the sudden death of jack in to nasa had made him realize the importance of cherishing every day. their service is planned for 20 year- old jessica was also killed in the explosion. a vigil begins at 7:00 p.m. tonight in daly city the fuel happen toward the church of thailand and she will be buried monday in a coma. three people were still listed as missing all members of the family who lived yards from the source of the blast. looking the picture of two of the missing people greg and william. the san mateo county coroner office is examining the remains recovered from their home to try to confirm their identity but it could take several weeks before it's determined of the remains of that of the missing family members. all walnut creek park in context what should or this is a fourth report reported. this is off of six say the woman
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was sexually assaulted last night she is opening the door to her apartment when the suspect forced his way and and attacked her. however investigators say the incident is not connected to a rape and attempted rapes at the same complex in recent months. >> he makes the fact this is the same kind of thing. >> plaques were unnerved like the residents that can assure you we can do we can do everything we can to solve this case and get someone in custody. >> the suspect is described as a white man between 20 and 30 years old she's about 6 ft. tall at a full beard was wearing jeans and shortly shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. a house fire and hello all told causing evacuation's this morning this fire started around 7:00 this two-story houses is on university avenue near highway 1 01. homes in the neighborhood were evacuated no reports of injury the search for cause still underway right now but authorities say it could be
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attributed to an unintended candle. >> cooler conditions very wide the fog is just not willing to clear intent to bay area water cooling as we start to get the cooler air and from a startup to the north. cooler inland to 77 antioch, 73 livermore also cooler in the north bay. about the same close to the coastline. storm tracker 4 radar there's a storm very well defined sitting off to the north's already causing showers well north of us. the tail end of this is breaking apart and approaching the bay area. it is sitting offshore and it will push through tomorrow into sunday. it looks like rain for the bay area trade but to look at our weather had license theirs the dense fog close to the coastline is also bringing west carried will get a second wave of fog out there over night tonight into tomorrow morning as for tomorrow it's going to be cloudy and logi has a moisture from the storm pushes
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sen. a slight chance of showers for tomorrow afternoon and evening in the north bay but the showers are likely by early sunday morning will time out on future cast a look at racial totals a bed. >> just in we've learned a flight from phoenix to mallee is doing emergency landings due to smoke in the cockpit to its expected to land at sfo in five minutes. its u.s. air flight 432 this is a live picture of sfo if we're waiting for my flight from phoenix to now we are going have to do it emergency landing at sfo we'll understand because of smoke in the cockpit. the smoke is dissipating were told were keeping a close eye in the story will bring you the latest as we get it. we do have reporters and headed to the scene right now. a live look novato this is nevada boulevard where they have just opened the street there after the fatal accident involving five of of high-school students one student was killed in the accident the roads been closed
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since about 12:00 this afternoon you can see cars are moving in both elections. we'll be right back. carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else.
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san francisco police are calling for safety measures in order to prevent night life violence. the scene in august a german tourist was killed, " walking impact or a hotel. safety include surveillance videos bronco and identification. please also suggest for club security to be registered with the state. big changes coming to the bay to breakers starting next year people would not registered will be escorted out the court by police and private security. the number people who can register for the race will so be capped at 50,000. >> people should know bomb if we need to be more aggressive in the consequences and again it's not to be punitive it's to be safe in that's a big issue. when guys are out there and they're completely wasted and you have a
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kid and a stroller with a mom or family little realized you have to be careful and the neighbors have a right to say no what's my city to. >> for than 20,000 people finished the annual 12 k race from the san francisco bay to the pacific ocean. some a notoriously body of and which features costumes floats and alcohol have been banned from the ban last year. >> some of the next half hour we'll hear from the bay to breakers spokesperson about how authorities will enforce those changes. jacqueline. >> are extended forecast showing rain for this weekend. looks most likely early sunday morning not would be impressed if the this is early to be seen a storm. will talk about a coming up a few minutes. >> a live look at sfo up like it was supposed to go from the next valley it has to make emergency
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landing gear because of smoke in the cockpit. the smoke was dissipating but it's supposed to land any minute now keeping a close eye on the developing story. the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
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and i always get a little worried when i watch the games, because they could hurt themselves... and doctors are so expensive and...what if -- [ umpire ] safe!! what do you mean he was safe? he was out!!!!! i just want to make sure they're okay, you know?
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they had 79 days late it's the longest budget stalemate in state history. the previous record was in 2008 they met today to try and solve the state's $90 million budget deficit they met for hours yesterday trying to agree on the amount of cuts to make and whether to adopt new taxes. the number people without jobs in california is up a sign economic growth could be weakening carry this state unemployment rate climbed to 12.4% in july. the bay area jobless rate was 9 percent unemployment and nationwide the number of people without jobs increased 9.6%. rob takes a look at the unemployment numbers from silicon valley. >> the latest numbers from the
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employment development in silicon valley showed unemployment dropped slightly in august. the jaw >> this rate for the greater san jose sunnyvale santa clara metro area was left in 0.2 percent last month. that is down from 11.5% in july. also down from the 11.8 percent figure posted for august of 2009. at 852,100 the total number of jobs was also down 1500 to roughly 0.2% from a year earlier. on the upside professional and business service employers added a larger than usual 1300 jobs while the computer and electronics manufacturing sector also have a larger than usual game of some 600 jobs. >> those of the fewest gains government in construction and real estate employment in san jose brought flatboat kron 4 news. >> the ongoing recession is training american wallets the federal reserve said the network
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of the typical household dropped by nearly $13,000 in the past three months. >>to figure your net worth you have to add up the value of everything you own. your house, cars, investments and to track everything owe, mortgage, credit cards and so forth. in 2007 that number was more than $563,000 for the average american family. down 12% in just three months. that in itself is making a recovery difficult since retail sales accounts for 70% of the economy. the new figures came as a shock to many investors and prompted a sell-off on wall street economists had predicted that net worth figures would rise not drop. a bay area road construction project makes the white house top list for stimulus 100 projects it says
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are quitting jobs and growing the economy carried the tunnel expression is no. 5 on the list using $190 million in stimulus funds. there currently to hundred 50 workers on the job and more will be hired the expansion will create more lanes for traffic on highway 24. i storm set to push for the bay area this weekend the rain looks most like live sunday. our weekend at a glance monday tomorrow as we see the moisture from the storm stream into the bay area deep percent chance for showers for the north bay that's not looking that likely. we'll see the showers early sunday morning by the afternoon things will dry out and cooler temperatures will prevail as a pushes through. storm tracker 4 radar right now read of to the north the first and showers breaking apart as it approaches the bay area. the storm is very well defined and radar you concede up to the north here in stretching all the way down the coast and actually offshore as
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well. this is the second wave that will impact level. saturday into sunday huge cast 4:00 in the morning of the rain starting to approach santa rosa and the rate will look a little more uniform as it starts to approach the bay area 80 am a band brett offshore but as this continues to move and it's going to break up a little bit of 10:00 in the morning showers toward the north bay south of the golden gate continued to break up at the noon hour before singling green showers over the north bay that's for will see the most rainfall with the system. it to the afternoon hours things start to dry all but we do have plans on sunday put them in the afternoon she can the morning is what it looks like it's going read a little bit. here's a look at our rightful totals the north bay a wide range year because were going to see more of the rain wallet to the north in the mountains. that will be the higher totals here the lower totals will be for a mill valley in the areas down to the south. if essentially stay at 10th of an inch and a quarter of an inch probably too aggressive. the
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south bay minutes the rain with this piece on future cast it dries out as a pushes down the south. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast this weekend cloudy conditions will be dominated by the rain as we head into next week so dryer and warmer conditions are expected to return to last through the week. >> back toward developing story the plane that had to make emergency landings at sfo you're looking at it right there and it looks like it has some firetrucks surrounding this is u.s. air flight 432 was headed from phoenix to malaise had to make an emergency landing a few minutes ago at sfo because of smoke in the cockpit. in looking at flight tracker you can see where it left land and that is headed out to the ocean heading towards hawaii leading arizona and that it had to make a turn back because of the smoke in the cockpit. apparently is smoke was dissipating no word on how the crew and passengers are doing but back to that live shot to that plane right there in the
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middle of your screen the one that is stationed u.s. airways flight 432 from phoenix to mallee making an emergency landing it does happen a few minutes ago. we do have a crew headed to the scene to get more permission of the passengers are headed to the scene to get more permission of the passengers are doing will keep you posted. have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours...
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>> $85 tickets. he officials claim the thought is new to them but a source inside muni told me they knew about it during training classes'. the truth is even without the flaw in the clipper system people have been exploiting the system and many other ways like this man walking through the gate that a woman used exit after seen my camera he attempts to grab it out of my hand. >> and not allowed to sell me. are you crazy >> for this man who walks out opens up the fare gate. were the classic walking through the emergency exit and heading to for the train but not paying the fare. >> even with the new clipper system muni will always have a problem with very evaders. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> yet to comment story idea for sammy ellis said
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look at this the scoreboard it sang all the san francisco giants moved to first place in the national league west you can see was foggy. it has the giants beat the dodgers to wrap up the three game series. the three run homer followed by a single home or buy a faster posy carried sanchez is the story of the night only allowed to run striking out 12 over seven innings. jacqueline. a law >> i've look for outside from downtown san francisco some of those lingering at this hour will start see more clouds streaming as the storm approaches the bay area of the deals coming up in just a bit.
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[ male announcer ] barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again. by this is kron 4 news that 5:30 p.m.. were following a developing news here looking at a u.s. air we flight that just made an emergency landing at sfo minutes ago. this is a phoenix to malawi flag it happened because of smoke

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